Saturday, February 09, 2008

"The Wall"

In days long since, from ages ago

ingather to His Makom flock

among whom dost Thou dwell

Ha Shem likvod Yisborach

L’ Adon Ha Kol l’sha-be-ach

To Him we devotedly send,

Prayerful shards, writ kvitelach

To whom our knees do bend.

Open thy hearts kedoshim

to His avodah, tahor and pure,

gather at His feet molochim

beware lest thy doubts doth stir

Whence this devotion unfailing?

ere stones stand thou demure

open thine lips heaven upward

thy portion in shamayim secure.

Hear please our supplications,

of which uttered none profane …

wherefore our faith sustaineth

memories of pious refrain.

Alan D. Busch

Copyright @ 2008

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