Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Eight Years Ago"

Since we bid thee farewell
Eight years ago,
many tears that morning did shed.
into cavernous depths we lowered thee,
united to souls art thou wed.

I want you to know
I have lived as well
As best I could I did try.
Nary a morn, noon or night did pass,
couldn’t ever help I but cry.

I felt so bad all those years
When your days of youth deprived
while sickness stole so much our strength
from wells that might well have thrived.

Much like you, what did we do
When alone there left to lie
Living our lives lest we stray
from faith otherwise worn and tried.

It is hard to explain
these feelings I have
without you, my life to live
Day by day, I can’t but think
My life for yours I wouldst give.

Alan D. Busch
February 27, 2008

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