Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear Readers and (Viewers)

Please click on the above video. Yes that is me. I spoke a bit too quickly ... I know, but I hope it is clear enough to understand. You know I found out ... even making a short video is more difficult than it looks. Well, at least it was for me. Please order a copy of Snapshots In Memory of Ben by clicking on I can guarentee that you will find it to be a very compelling read. I say that-not boastfully-but from the great love I have for my son, I devoted my very best effort to tell his story well.

Paypal is set up to make the purchase. If you decide to go with Paypal it will take to "Skyline Productions." That is my publisher's account who will notify me upon the sale of a book or, if you like, contact me at and I will send you a payment request from my Paypal account.

Many thanks for your support.

Alan D. Busch

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