Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Friends,

Please click on the link below. It'll take you to a splendid review of Snapshots In Memory of Ben by Chicago-based authoress Shayna Hunt published in the New York based Jewish Press. Take a few moments to read it and you should be well convinced that you are ready to purchase a copy of the book for yourself or a loved one. If so follow the Paypal prompts to what you will see as Skyline Productions (that's my publisher) and place your order. Or if you wish contact me at and I will forward a Paypal request to you. Really is quite simple. I know ...Paypal intimidated me too at first but, trust me, it's user friendly.

Discount structure:

1 book=$12.95 + $4.00 shipping=$16.95

2 books= $11.66/each + $4.00 shipping ....

3 books or or more=$10.49/each + $4.00 shipping

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