Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Dear Readers,

Please copy and paste this link to your browser. You should see a newspaper review of a newly released book anthology by acclaimed novelist, writing coach and, as a matter of fact, my writing mentor, Ruchama King Feuerman. Entitled Everybody's Got A Story, A New Generation of Jewish Writers, Ruchama has anthologized an amazing collection of stories, including two of my own. It is not only a treasure trove of contemporary Jewish writing but a very handsome book as well. Topping it off are several instructional essays by Ruchama intended to get the neophyte writer going. Copies of Ruchama's book can be purchased at - 33k - Cached - Similar pages. When you get to this page, type Ruchama in the search window, click and it'll take you right to the story.

Thank you,

Alan D. Busch

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