Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Jonathon Pollard!

Free Jonathon Pollard!

Free Jonathon Pollard!

Free Jonathon Pollard!

Free Jonathon Pollard!


1.) a broad, deep swell or rolling of the sea, due to a distant storm or gale.

2.) any surge of support, approval, or enthusiasm, esp. among the general public

Dear Readers,

I think we are long overdue in our country for a GROUNDSWELL!

I think we can create such a groundswell that Mr. Bush
would sign a
Presidential Pardon before the end of his term!

Starting here and now please respond to this appeal by writing back to this blog.

Let me know that together we can effect this change!

The Groundswell begins here and now!

I am ...

Very Sincerely yours,

Alan D. Busch

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Anonymous said...

Shalom Alan:
That thing pissed me off. I kept trying different user names and ALL of them are in use. Even one I really made up, like this: ThisIsMyName.
Anyway, this is what I was going to type in there and you can insert it in there for me. I would appreciate it.
Dear Mr. President:
I am not writing to you out of fondness but, I am asking you to do the right thing. I ask you to sign a Presidential Pardon for Jonathon Pollard.
Mr. President, you have claimed you are for the American people. Before you went to the White House, you were Governor of my State. You did not hold back on your religious beliefs, you even declared a 'Jesus Day'.
Your successor, Rick Perry, has spoken out openly announced, 'Those who don't believe in Jesus Christ are going to Hell.'
You claim to fight against 'terrorism' yet Israel is a nation who struggles, everyday, against terrorists and this is in their own land. The information, Jonathon Pollard had given to Israel, was plain and simple, Israel wanted to know where terrorists were hiding, to prevent them from striking out against her. The papers, on his desk, were in plain sight.
Mr. President, Jonathon Pollard did what he felt was right, first as a Jew and as an American. The punishment handed down on him is much too harsh, the harshest punishment ever given to person convicted of treason or spying.
Mr. President, it is time to change and stay the course and grant Jonathon Pollard a full Presidential Pardon.
Naomi Vicdan Meehan