Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Revision of my poem "For Zac", my son more precious than rubies ...

For Zac, My Younger Son and Youngest Child

“May He Become A Teacher"

I see him back then, as a boy I did teach,
I pray Son a human being I helped you become.
Remind us to reflect the divine spark in each
when the miscreance of others leaves us benumb.

Teary-eyed respite sighs, when on cloudy days I recall,
a boy whose freckled face I see crestfallen became ...
for plucking orange lilies off sun craning stems,
who boyishly felt neither remorse nor shame.

A lesson he learned from that day hence …
until forever arrives, may his days be long last.
What good endureth, what measure this hath,
if allowed to fade silently into our past?

Respect life all, from greatness to small,
guard this lesson's value pristine,
Tend your garden until like a school it becomes
when tomorrow’s children, of lilies they have seen.

Alan D. Busch

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