Saturday, May 10, 2008

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The First to Be …

Gaze far away into the skies you’ll see

the vastness of limitless divine reach.

Illumine mine eyes oh twinkling stars this night ...

may I merit to learn the lessons You teach.

The first of circles You drew without compass or pen,

galactic orbs you cast far beyond sight ...

soaring toward endlessness at heavenly speed,

I pray to fathom the ways of your might.

A house for man from words you did utter

with neither roof nor from walls a world you conceive.

From darkness each night, the moon but an ember ...

Master of The Universe … in Thee, I believe.

Awaken in morning to sounds of the dawn,

our lips with gratitude but of bitterness none.

By His grace a new day to us He hath given ...

be as He, the first to be though He had never begun.*

*This last line is based on an old translation of a verse from the Jewish hymn “Yigdal”.

Alan D. Busch

May, 2008

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