Monday, April 21, 2008

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I Am Lonely For You, Forever

(Reflections that evening of Ben's death ...)

Drawn back to my house
wherein her plaintive cries I did hear
wept my heart for Ben's mom
with whom I could be neither nor near.

In desperate near madness, oh ... the blackest of nights
joylessly my family did weep
so sad when I would have prefered
together with whom I might sleep.

Our child we loved him so much in common
my mind unrestrained in darkness did roam …
this reality unimaginable, especially stark
my house … no longer my home.

In memory’s flight I remember this well
when ended Passover they readied to leave.
I felt the burn of his stubbly cheeks
funny how much in remembrance we grieve.

Ben, Ben ... I wept.
We spoke, but then in silence you died.
It was only just a moment before
while slept in my dreams I cried.

So few hours have since elapsed
in the hospital that psalm I did sing.
I am already lonely for you, forever.
when morrow’s morn would no new smiles bring.

Alan D. Busch

April 2008

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