Sunday, July 08, 2007

Name: Alan D. Busch


My first book, In Memory of Ben, a compendium of vignettes about the life of my late son Benjamin, Z'L, is available for sale ON CD. The cost is $15.00 plus $3.95 shipping. Personal checks are accepted with drivers' license identification It is newly revised and expanded. I am certain you will enjoy the experience of reading it although there is a great deal of sensitive material. Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the fourth link to read newly revised Chapter 1.

Samplings from the book and other writings are available here at Click on first link below.

One chapter of my book, "Mourning's Reflections" is published in a poetry anthology Passing, a link to which is below. Click on the fifth link to read "Mourning's Reflections"

Two additional pieces, one poem "From Your Room" and an article "Musings of A Bereft Father Six Years Later" will appear in the 2007 summer edition of the magazine Living With Loss.

Please click on third link below. To read From Your Room, please click on the sixth link below.

I am pleased to announce the News Magazine of the Jewish Federation/JUF of Chicago will publish the first chapter of In Memory of Ben, I am told by its editor, in its September 2007 edition. To read the revision of Chapter 1 as it will appear in the September 2007 edition of the News Magazine of the Jewish Federation/ JUF of Chicago, click below on the link

NEW as of 4/18/07! The online journal The Jewish Magazine has published in its May 2007 edition my article entitled "Escorting the Dead." Click Closing the Grave

Please click on the last link below New Jersey Faith Forum which features a guest posting about Ben's story.

News as of 6/21/07, the editor of Living With Loss e-mailed me: "Good news! I received a request for your article, "Musings of a Bereft Father" from the Executive Director of The Jewish Funeral Directors of America ! They would like to publish it in their annual magazine that will go out to 200 members, to the mortuary college libraries, to all of the state funeral associations, and to various national professional funeral associations."


Passing Authors

Bereavement Publications, Inc - Your source for support on issues related to grief, bereavement and death

Newly posted, Chapter 1 (scroll down a bit ... you'll see it.)

From Your Room

Musings of A Bereaved Father

New Jersey Faith Forum: A Father's Tribute to His Late Son

New Jersey Faith Forum: It Happened Again

Jewish Magazine Closing the Grave

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