Friday, January 19, 2007

Around My House

I walked around my house tonight ...
just before dusk.

Awaiting my kallah soon to arrive.

Then those thoughts entered my head!

You know the ones ...

Under the evergreen ...

How it has grown!

Twenty years hence many seeds have sewn!

The old basketball hoop ...

below which there once a time ...

when I could beat Ben, but never did!

Oh how he grew!

Like the evergreen so tall.

Stands there still straight

higher than all.

Years back in memory's flight,

I see only me ...

in this house lived once

my children were three.

Over I walk

below Ben's room

wouldst I not know,

that wherein I now sit,

a few tears did flow.

I stepped back ...

to now and saw I

did come

my kallah

for whose love

my heartbeat did


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