Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dear Readers ...

My poem entitled
Mourning's Reflections appears on p. 28 of this book Passing
which has just been recently released.

It is an anthology of poetry that explores the many and varied responses of people who have experienced the loss of a loved one: a parent, a spouse, a friend ... a child.

Mourning's Reflections describes the scene at the graveside service of my son Ben Z'L.

It is also chapter 26 of my book in progress
In Memory of Ben that I hope to one day publish.

I do appreciate your time and interest in my son's story as I tell it piece by piece.
As always, I welcome any and all written responses. :)

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Regina Clare Jane said...

Alan- you are such a wonderful father, and I do appreciate your telling of your son's story, It is life's lesson for everyone, this experience of separation, and it helps when we have one such as you sharing your life with us. Thank you.