Monday, January 09, 2006

Whisperings of a "Yom Tov": Recollections ... such as this ... are really priceless "segulos" that do brighten the moment when hints of those same black clouds appear overhead ...

"It surely is a most wonderful event ... the eve of which we are now celebrating."
Ben ... do you remember where I was when I wrote this?

"Your mom and I want that you know how very well, we think, you've done and are going to do."
Remember the hours you and I spent in the kitchen learning your parasha? Sorry I was not the best teacher, but I taught you what I knew.

"Tomorrow morning, after having led the whole of the congregation in prayer, you will reenter our Jewish community-no longer as a child-but as an adult fully participatory and responsible for both word and deed." True enough that a boy does become a man, but in my eyes you would always be ... Benji ... even after your smooth cheeks became "b'stubbled' (I just made up that word!) with whiskers.

"It is our fervent hope and prayer that you will be and remain most sensitive to the enormity of Jewish identity and heritage of which you are to continue to be the proud bearer."
Had you ever before seen so much rain as when we trudged together through the flooded mall parking lot on the way to shul that one erev yontif?

"Lastly, it should give you a great feeling, as I know it does your mom and me, to realize how wonderful it is that so many people-both family and friends- have come from afar to once again bear witness to the process whereby a boy becomes a man."
You know that green tie you wore? I have it in my closet and wear it on occasion.

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