Saturday, December 24, 2005

In Memory of Ben, Z"L
A Series of Vignettes about My Son, Olav Ha Shalom

Alan D. Busch

A Note to Readers: Below please find Chapter 1A of In Memory of Ben.

Please feel free to comment. Not to worry ... this bereft parent welcomes any and all feedback!

Postscript: A Glimpse at an Earlier and Happier Moment

In our much younger years one Sunday evening, the three of us: Ben, Ben's mom and I were sharing dinner together. Back then Ben's mom often worked evenings requiring that I become a highly proficient "Mr. Mom". It was just after having begun our sumptuous repast of white rice, beef and peapods, that Ben- already very fidgety in his high chair-let us know rather vociferously that he wanted out whereupon he contented himself upon my knee. Always a rather sizeable child, I balanced Ben upon my left knee while trying to feed the both of us with my right hand. Alternating between his mouth and mine, we shared our meal together, but for a moment as I took a mouthful, Ben-obviously still very hungry and growing somewhat restless-blurted out: "More 'wice' daddy!" Well, upon hearing those delightful but impatient words, Ben's mom and I guffawed so hysterically ... I guess it was one of those moments-you just had to have been there!

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